Dumb Ways to Die App Reviews

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Its so cool


Liked the new update

Commercial terror


So much fun

It is a really cool Game. Very good humor and nice, varied Mini-Games. And Overall The uber-cool Song and Music video. A real Hit!

The ads kill all enjoyment I had with the game...

If you could find a way to make them less disruptive thatd be much appreciated! As far as Im concerned I will not be looking at them because I will not be playing anymore as it has become more fun not playing than being interrupted and nudged into clicking ads and be thrown out of the game than the game that is left).


This is sooo goood. My entire family loves dumb ways to die. We all just randomly start singing the song. I will always love them.

Way to many ads

To many ads

1 star for always asking me to review your game.

As indicated in title

What I do when playing

When I play this game I usually end up throwing my phone at the wall when the game lags and then crashes and I always turn off my internet while playing so I dont snap my phone in half when I turn off the internet it stops all ADS from showing up if I dont remember to do that every time I press I button I will end up in the play store AND OMFG IS SO ANNOYING WHEN IM TRYING TO PLAY THE GAME IN PEACE!!!!!!!

New Update Is Awful

Erased all my unlocked characters The glue gamess extremely sensitive and very difficult to win The trash bag game is confusing Most the drag games are impossible to win later on (especially the stitch and balloon games) The vomit and mustard games demand perfection And the drag game where you drag three people away from a train is glitchy as heck,Ive had it freeze on me,fail me even though I was successful,and even freeze my entire iPad This update sucks


I love this game

Please do these fixes

please fix the toaster one and make one where there is a Knight running away from skeletons.i love this game and please make more amazing updates soon.and can you please maybe make it a little slower?


This game was fun a long time ago. Now its become so convoluted with completely obscure mini games that its impossible to follow along. I definitely wouldnt download again.

To many ads

Dumb ways to die is the best game ever!! But, there are soooooooo many ads I cant take it any more!!!!!!!!! Plz fix

Super Fun!

I personally love this game! I saw some reviews about lots of ads but I only get one every couple minutes not every attempt. I love that it was created to promote train safety and has a few levels about train safety! I give it 4 stars!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1 star off because of ads and no ad free option.


They added an ad after every game, Im so mad, I regret updating so much


Would be great if it didnt have a forced ads.

Ad infested

Used to be fun but now it is filled with ads, one 5 second video after each round...

Id love a tutorial where I could find out how to play

And as Im learning there are too many ads. I do like the option to watch and stay alive. But the ads make it so my grandkids cant play without my help to skip ads


Use to love this game now there are so many ads I removed the whole game Im done

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