Dumb Ways to Die App Reviews

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One of the cutest, most clever and well-crafted quickie games on iOS. Humble and well-crafted and fun. Could tone down the ads a bit.

Great Game

Great game for an awareness campaign. Would recommend the download, although be warned: it can be frustrating when the game doesnt register the touch screen sometimes (mostly on the similar coloured wire game), but still worth the play.

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Too fast instructions

Cool game but the instructions flash too fast that I dont know what to do then I lose a life. Slower instructions would be better so I have a chance to save the dude lol

Super awesome

This game is amazing


The thing is, Im pretty sure that a couple of mini games dont quite respond to a proper tap or even what should be a fair response. Could just be my big fingers for a bit of that. And the red button game is impossible... Kills me every time

Great game

Cute characters, good action, mental acuity test - this game has it all.


its the best love the build a bean but needs more dumb ways to die mini-games

Looks like they can access my twitter

But why do you have access on my twitter account? Saw a post about this app on my twitter and I swear I did not post it cause Im just using that account to browse updates. Do you access twitter accounts of people who downloaded this app? Not nice!


Its so fun! But its sometimes need tap hard to react.

From Last Update

Last update is really bullshit! Game performance is really bad! Fix this please. (iPhone 4)

I would rate this ZERO STARS

It was fun UNTIL the ads came along. Every time you die 3 times you have to watch an ad-this developer really wants money. They are desperate enough to make version to pay for. The ads were fine- until you had to watch them after you die. Im sure the developers dont mean to make themselves look desperate, but are you kidding me- and ad every time you die? This is getting on my nerves. You might say I dont have patience but its annoying how people these days just want money. Just make a full version for three dollars! You dont have to dispense ads every time you die. Its so annoying, im sure they did that on purpose. So this is backfiring on them-im not paying money for entertainment, ive payed enough for this device. This app is lame now, the graphic quality is worse, theres so many ads! Good bye, deleting this app!!

HILARIOUS and so much fun!

I LOVE this game! Each mini game is creative and HILARIOUS. I love the beans and I like to see the outcome of my gameplay- does the bean die in the washing machine or successfully get the fork out of the toaster? One thing I do suggest is that wth every "Dumb Update," the game should give instructions on how to play the new games, because when I got the update, I had to figure out on my own how to play each one. Some I still havent figured out, and this has stunted my scores heavily!

Super fun!!!

This game is super fun! Usually I urge to win games, but this game made every failure very funny. I feel like to laugh when I was died. Even the ads are more adorable with this game!

Great fun!

Amazing game to pass the time.

Play it

Love is its a game that needs no wifi

#Best game ever created

The Game is filled with funny deaths.It has a catchy music video what more do you want

Nice graphics, but too confusing

The concept of this game is really well designed, and the graphics and animation is really well done, but I felt thrown into the game with no instructions. Some levels were easy enough to figure out, others Ive tried (and lost) every time with no idea how to beat them. Needs to be easier to understand.

love it!

i thought this would be an entertaining way to pass time while in a waiting room, or waiting for family members to be ready to leave, etc...well, that is true, but once i start playing i cant seem to stop! im addicted!


For all those people saying that it doesnt recognize touch, thats your screen, therefore your fault.

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