Dumb Ways to Die App Reviews

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Awesome game but.....

I love this game,its awesome!!!!!!! But I hate the new update the gap game isnt even in the song, the spaceman game is impossible to win and the light game is boring. If you took those games out I would rate it 5 stars. Other than this game is awesome!

Good game

This game is really fun and my friends say it is to

Really fun!!!!

Dumb Ways to Die is an amazing game to play if youre bored or even for fun! Bit, the airplane one is so hard! Like, what does it even mean to blow to keep the plane flying, could you explain it a bit more, also why isnt the garbage bag one or the medicine one available to play if its in the music video?

Pretty good


Good, fix game breaking bugs

Great game but the sound being cut permanently with the airplane game, the touch interaction with the live wires dont read most of the time, same with the piranha game

Amusant/ fun

Je ne suis pas celui avec le grille-pain. I cant do the one with the toaster. Cest impossible. Its impossible. Veuillez fixer. Please fix it.

It froze all the time

This was a great little game. But it got frustrating when I would achieve the score I needed, would lose, then the game would freeze. I would lose my progress and have to start over. After multiple times of this, I give up and uninstall the game. Thanks for that.

Awesome game

Dumb ways to die is a really fun game to play and it never gets old

Vomit Game

The game where you clean the vomit is impossible. Even when you clean the majority of it and only have a tiny spot left you fail. And the wipe thing is too slow to get it all because it wont move at the speed your finger is going.


This thing crashes every time I get a good score and I mean every!


My only problem is that every time I get over 600 the game glitches and pauses on me everything else Is AWESOME

Grotesque but cute

This is the greatest game Ive ever played. This contains many mini-games and each of them makes me spend more than ten hours a day without a break. Anyway,once you started it, it would be impossible to think about otherwise.

Lovely game

So cute and very nice!

Dumb ways

Why its not responding on my ipod but its wonderful

Great Game

Reminds me of a WarioWare game. The minigames are simple and addicting, and the art style really drives it home. ちなみに、宇宙飛行士の助け方は、端末を傾ける

love this, but...

this application tends to stop responding to screen touches suddenly and i dont know why. i use iphone6 and i dont think the problem lies with my phone. if you can fix this, id be very grateful.


Super game but please delete puking guy! After 1500+ its impossible to do on iPad, and it always breaks my score


Somebody really had an outstanding idea for a marketing campaign ;) fun as no other game

Super !

This game is very nice i like a running xD

Very funny

Nice gameplay and innovative ;)

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