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Love ❤️ it

This Game is

Was one of my favorite games

I hope you are listening to the people reviewing your app... 600 Mbs?!?! Are you kidding? Its obvious all that bloat is being used to cache the advertisement since the game itself use to have a very small data footprint... I have plenty of space but thinking about removing this app unless you start respecting your users.


I love this app i love the new update


This game is so entertaining for when youre bored or have no wifi, but it wont let me download it anymore.

Its now only 4 stars

I havent been playing this game in years and I just started now and Im impressed. This game got a great update and at has me challenges to play. Now why do I not like 100%? Because they added adds, and thats what I dont like about it.

The amazing dumb ways to die

I thought this was a great game and its probably my favorite game! I completely recommend this game there are no bad parts about this game except for the blood but there is not a lot so that is why Im rating this five stars!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I love this game 1000/1000!!!!


Fun game! Im glad they added more, like "Create A Bean!"

Fun and no

I love all of the mini games but,The super glue 1 and the Plane 1 is horrible!!!


This is pretty good game

This game has problems

Fun game but it keeps taking my points after third life is gone as a result Im having a really hard time getting coins. Please fix this issue.


There should be less adds


Dumb ways to die, dumb ways to die, so many dumb ways, so many dumb ways to die!!!! Love this app! It will forever be my second favorite game! (Pokémon Go is first) I highly recommend getting this game! I also love the theme song! Hilarious!!! Great job to the people who made this game!!!!!

Dumb ways to die

I love this game

Too many ads

This game is really fun and creative, but I hate that every time you loose and try to play again you have to watch and ad first. It gets hella annoying sometimes I also hate that the game is so touch as well

Fun Game

The game is fun but I hate the ads and the fact that sometimes when I do something right it takes away points. Sometimes things come by surprise so between each one, there she be a button asking if the player is ready to move on. But overall this is a fun app and I love my bean so much, I made mine cute and it never lags out of the game!

Not worth the download time

What a POS. The app locked up and the instructions were pathetic. Dont bother...

Love this game, but

So Ill get right to the point: there are some bugs in the game, its kind of graphic, and way too many ads! The bugs are: In the minigame with the astronaut trying to get his helmet on, you Have to tilt the screen to help him get it. The last 6 or so times Ive played that minigame the astronaut has spawned OUTSIDE the screen, with his limbs dangling around the edges. This makes it literally IMPOSSIBLE to get him to his helmet because hes not actually on the screen. Thats the only big and worth-mentioning bug I have seen, but there are some other issues too. I forgot to check what this game is rated, but I would suggest for everyone that it be rated at least 10+, because in the washing machine one and the astronaut one and the plane one and plenty others there is a good amount of blood when you die. Lastly what Im concerned about is the ads. Theres literally and ad pretty much every time you die! A couple times Ive had ads in the middle of a minigame! And most of the ads are around 39 seconds and wont let you skip! And when I die the finale death, it always asks me if I want to watch an ad to keep playing, and I always say no because I dont like ads. But even though I said NO, it plays a 30 second ad ANYWAY, and I dont get an extra life! This is an awesome game, I love the song, its so funny, but I just cant deal with the ads! Like Ive said before I cant STAND ads! Aside from these problems, I love the game and think you would probably like it too

Stupidly Amazing

Hated it at first, but somehow I quickly became obsessed. There are certain levels I just cannot beat and its killing me, I must defeat this game and learn how to survive!

Best game ever

This is the best game I ever played and that is rare because I played most of the games in the AppStore

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